The Ray Deter Memorial Cap A Head Project

Ray Deter

On Monday,  June 27th,  2011 a bicycle vs. car accident took away the life of a luminary of the New York City beer,  spirits,  food and entertainment industry.  Ray Deter,  owner of the d.b.a. franchise with locations in the Lower East Side of Manhattan,  Williamsburg Brooklyn and New Orleans Louisiana,  was struck by a car while riding his bicycle to work.  He later died of those injuries sustained on Sunday,  July 3rd,  2011.

Ray’s life could have been saved with a helmet.  Back in my college days in the 1970’s,  I was an avid cyclist and racer.  I was involved in two accidents involving a motor vehicle,  and would not be here today typing this text had I not been wearing a helmet.

I’m a new comer to the NYC Craft Beer industry that Ray was so closely involved with and had only briefly gotten to know Ray.  He taught me about “Fish Eyes” which are those large bubbles you see at the top of your beer glass.  Thanks Ray.  It’s the one tasting note I will always try to pass on to others.  I’ve also learned that a lot of my fellow Craft Beer imbibers are also cyclists going about their daily lives cycling around the streets of New York City.  I wonder how many of them do not wear a helmet?   I’d like to keep them around so we can compare our Fish Eyes.  It’s a smart move to wear a helmet,  and I think it should be made into a law for all cyclists regardless of their age, similar to the law for motorcycle riders.

The goal of the project is to cap as many heads of cyclists with helmets  as possible,  not only in the New York City area,  but nationwide,   and possibly worldwide.  Think about how many lives Ray will be saving in his absence!

I will be seeking as many people as I can find to help with this project.  I will need help with the administration of the project itself,  donations or discounts from helmet manufactures,  advertising revenue from various Beer and other Spirit manufactures to subsidize the cost of helmets and donations from any venues or individuals willing to help Cap A Head.

I’ve created the website to help bring this all together.

Let’s start today and Cap A Head.  Please contact me  so we can get this project rolling.

NYC DOT Bicycle Safety Rules

NYC DOT Free Bicycle Helmets (While supplies last)

I can hear Ray saying “That’s cool, it sounds beer related.”